Beauty products for pregnancy and beyond

Knowing what products you can and can’t use during pregnancy is a complete minefield. There are so many conflicting reports out there, that it is actually hard to find out what exactly you can and can’t use. I personally haven’t been OTT about watching what I used but as a rule of thumb, I went […]

Summer Makeup essentials: Part 1, flawless looking skin

Don’t you just love a little bit of sunshine and heat on your bones. It isn’t often we bask in beautiful weather, so when we do, we want our makeup to look nice and light, fresh and summery, rather than a melting mess. To help you look summer ready, I have put together a post […]

How to get your makeup to sit better

Ever find your makeup just isn’t sitting right? Is it a case that you haven’t changed your routine up, but all of a sudden your makeup has a mind of it’s own and just looks funny? I often get emails from readers asking for advice on this very problem and while I am the furtherest […]

Tailored skincare with Jeanne Brophy

Since starting the blog, I have lost count of the amount of skin care products I have tried out. Some I have loved and some I have absolutely hated ( Im looking at you Glam Glow). In recent months, I really feel that I have gotten my skin care routine right and my skin is […]

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator

When it comes to skin care, many people consider Dermalogica to be one of the best brands you can use to get beautiful looking skin. However, for whatever reason, it has been a brand that I have completely overlooked. The daily microfoliant exfoliator is the first product I have used from the Dermalogica range. Shock […]

Micro Needling at Biofresh Swords

When you hear the words Micro Needling, thoughts of a medieval torture device springs to mind. Micro Needling sounds like the most horrendous kind of torutre you could put yourself through for good skin. When I told people I was undergoing a course of Micro needling in Biofresh Swords, people questioned my sanity. Why in God’s […]