November Chic Treat Club box

This month, Chic Treat Club has done something a little different and teamed up with the people at The Cometic outlet to bring you what I consider to be a really good box this month. Eylure Brow Stencils Eylure have recently released a brow range, and my goodness they have been hitting it out of […]

August Glossybox

It feel like ages since I reviewed a subscription box, but even though I received my usual boxes in July, I was on holidays and everyone had already seen what was inside each box by the time I got home. So I decided not to put up full reviews of last month’s box. This month’s […]

Glossybox May 2014

Here is the thing. Last month I said I was cancelling my Glossybox Subscription, and I was full sure that I had, but in reality I didn’t actually click the submit button to finalise the cancelation. I know, I know rookie mistake. I am a full on clown. So this month I got what is my […]

Glossybox April 2014

So here’s the thing. When I received last months Glossybox and saw the absolute dismal contents I decided that it was time to cancel. When I went into my Glossybox account, I saw that I had enough points to get a free box in April. What better way to give them one last chance. Well […]

Glossybox March 2014

Another month, another Glossybox. This is now my 7th Glossybox and I am sad to say it is the last one. Out of 7 boxes I have had 3 good boxes. The September one and last months box. Sadly this box is the nail in the coffin for Glossybox. Each month I pay €16 and […]

Glossybox February 2014

Finally. a Glossybox worth blogging about. After last months diabolical box, people left Glossybox in their droves. The people at Glossybox used social media to ask people to stick with them and that they would take on peoples feelings on last months box on board. I even got a tweet asking me to contact them […]

January Glossybox

Well judging by the Glossybox Facebook page people are seriously not happy with this box. I know every month I seem to complain about it and promise to cancel, but I have serious fear of missing out. I know the minute I cancel the next box will be the best box ever. In saying that, […]

December’s Glossybox

Glossybox December 2013 Another month, another Glossybox and this month I actually don’t know how I feel about the box. I am beginning to tire of boring products in my Glossybox. While the box doesn’t cost an arm and a leg it’s €16 and I’m beginning to think it might be better spent elsewhere. I’ve […]

November’s GlossyBox

It seems like only last week that I was reviewing my October GlossyBox. Seriously where is the time going? October’s GlossyBox was a bit of a disappointment to many people. It’s not like every box can be a wow box, but we do expect a little bit more than what we got last October. Thankfully […]

October Glossybox. Contains Spoilers

For those of you that have never heard of GlossyBox, basically it is a monthly beauty subscription. For £10 a months plus postage  (works out about €15) you get 5 beauty treats. There is normally 1 or 2 full size items and then 3 travel size. You can order it on a rolling subscription or […]