Stocking Filler gift guide

Ready for your shopping to get a whole lot easier? I have put together a stocking filler guide to help you pick out a few more of those “little bits” that end up causing us heart ache!!! It is actually harder picking out little bits for people, than it is buying the bigger gifts. I […]

Luxury Christmas Gift guide

I don’t know about you, but I often find it difficult to pick a gift for somebody or even myself when the value goes over €50. To help you with your Christmas shopping or indeed to help you pick something that you can put on your list, I have put together some of my favourite […]

Stocking Filler Gift Guide 2015

Q and A a day: 5 year Journal I am not a journal keeper. In fact, reliving my day on paper is quite possibly the worst thing I could imagine doing every night. Yet when I saw Jen from Too Dolly Makeup talk about the Q and A a day: 5 year journal on snapchat, […]

Mothers day gift guide

Let’s face it, flowers and chocolates are great, but when it comes to some of our mothers, they just deserve that little bit of extra thought when it comes to a Mothers day gift. My own mother is probably one of the hardest women in the country to shop for, as she is the woman […]

Stocking Filler gift guide

Every year when I ask my sister what does she want for Christmas, she always says “Little Bits. These are probably two of the worst words I can hear, because it means endless hours of trawling through the shops and websites looking for “little bits” to surprise her with on Christmas morning. This year I’ve […]

Must have makeup brushes

You would not believe the amount of boyfriends and husbands who have emailed me looking for suggestions on makeup brushes to buy their girlfriends/wives. Normally they want a place where you can just click one button and buy a whole set at once. Sadly I don’t think such a set exists . To help them […]

Come Shopping with me at Kildare Village

Christmas in my house is a big deal. My parents still do Santa for my brother, Sister and I and each Christmas morning we are made sit on the top stair until my dad goes down to the sitting room to see if Santa has come and he turns on the Christmas tree lights. We are […]