Revlon professional Nutri colour creme

I love the feeling when you just come out of the hairdressers with your tresses freshly coloured. Your hair shines like it has it’s own personal lighting studio and the colour just looks fresh and vibrant. Fast forward 3-4 weeks later, when the shine is gone and half the colour has washed down the drain. The last thing you want to be doing every 2 months is forking out €80+ to get your hair coloured.

The Revlon colour creme or colour bomb/balls as it is also known, is perfect for giving your hair new life between hairdresser visits. This is not as such a home colouring product and it contains no ammonia or peroxide. Instead it brings to life the colour that has already been applied to your hair by the hairdresser. I have been promised by my hairdresser that this does no damage to your hair and instead give it a good deep conditioning.

You can use this once a week to keep your colour looking fresh. I personally only use it once or sometimes twice in the space of 3 months.  You rub it into you hair, massage it in and then comb it through. It tells you how much to use on the packaging for different hair lengths. The instructions say to leave it in for around 3 minutes, but I leave mine in for about 45 minutes as it is rally conditioning for the hair. It washes out after a few washes and leaves no residue.

There is quite a large range of colours and this would be particularly brilliant if you have quite a vibrant hair colour.

You know that expensive, conditioning treatment that the hairdressers always try and sell you when washing your hair? Well you can get colour cremes with no colour in them. A  hairdresser told me, if you look for the translucent colour one and use it the same way it will give your hair serious shine.

You can buy this in the 100ml tube, which will give you 3-4 uses, depending on the length of you hair. Or the larger 250ml ball . You can buy them in most salon services and the cost €11 for the 100ml and €23.99 for the 250ml. Check out Terrisales online store for a range of colours.


  1. Lyn says

    Love Revlon Nutri creme
    600 red . Really does what it says
    Only say it is very bright so going to get the purple red Aswell and mix together . This also leaves your hair silky soft

  2. Eluniya says

    Does the color get darker the longer you leave it in? I dyed my hair dark purple at a hair salon and also bought the Revlon nutri creme 200. I just used it (left it in for about 5-6 minutes) and the lighter parts of my hair turned like hot pink and the scalp is also hot pink, but the previously dyed purple parts look great again.

  3. Megan says

    I have had my hair dyed a brown with red tones. I really wanted ginger hair but it didn’t turn out this way. If I used a colour bomb would it eventually lift the dark brown and turn ginger?

  4. Leah says

    Why don’t they sell the 556 in the balls anymore and just as a tube? If I mix 513 and 500 could I get the same effect?

  5. Vivian boes says

    Does this product work as a terporary coloring (5 washes) for not coloured hair.
    I am a natural blond and would like to try some colour.

  6. Jazz says

    Has anyone ever tried using a brown colour bomb in subtly balleaged hair, I reckon it would work because the product is so pigmented but let me know your thoughts

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