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DSC_0384The Nars sheer glow foundation, is one that has been blogged about over and over again. Many bloggers have hailed this as their holy grail foundation and that there is no other foundation out there like it. So the question I ask myself after using this foundation for over 2 months, is is the hype surrounding Nars sheer glow worth it? Oh Hell yes. Ladies this is quite simply an amazing foundation.

DSC_0386Shade Range: Nars Sheer glow comes in an impressive 20 shades, with shades to suit  pale and dark skin tones. I wear the colour Punjab which is described as a medium colour with golden peachy undertones. To put that in context, I normally wear NC 25 in Mac and Punjab suits me perfectly. The Nars website gives a fairly comprehensive description of each shade to help you pick a shade that suits you.

DSC_0390Packaging:The packaging of the Nars sheer Glow is nothing special really. It comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a matte black lid. One thing that does annoy me a small bit, is the fact it doesn’t come with a pump. The lovely people at Nars have decided they would like to charge extra for a pump to fit this foundation bottle. I  haven’t been able to get my hands on a pump yet, which really hasn’t been a major issue if I’m honest, but you can buy a pump for €4 on the Nars site.

Texture: As Nars Sheer glow is a water based foundation, you will find it is a little on the runny side. In saying that I found this to be a good thing. A little bit of this foundation really goes along way. I know you might hear that a lot about foundations, but I get more out of this foundation, than any other foundation I have tried. It spreads on the face like an absolute dream. I actually love applying this foundation, because it is so easy. You do however need to buff it into the skin a little more than other foundations, as due to the water base it does take a little longer than most to set on the face, but when it does set, it is beautiful. I use my beloved Sigma F80 brush to apply and buff this foundation into the skin and I find they are the perfect couple.

Finish: When it comes to finish, there is one small down side. This foundation needs a primer. When worn with a primer like the Smashbox photo finish, the finish on this foundation is out of this world. It leaves the skin looking smooth, and glowy. It is a glowy, not a dewy finish. In fact it has more of a satin finish to it, so fans of both dewy and matte foundations are strangely catered for here. When you don’t wear it with a primer, I find it tends to get a little cakey and powdery looking, while at the same time it can settle in fine lines. Therefore a primer is an absolute must, to see the real benefits of this foundation.

narsCoverage: The coverage is something that really makes Nars sheer glow stand out amongst all other foundations. This is described as a light to medium coverage, which I am inclined to agree with. However, I am normally a fan of full coverage foundations and I love this. There is just the right amount of coverage to cover blemishes, and inconstancy in the skin, yet at the same time I can still see some of my freckles, which I love. I don’t know how this is even possible, but it happens. Everytime I post a picture when I wear this, I have people asking me what foundation I am wearing, as it leaves then skin looking amazing. I do wear a concealer in the under eye area, when I wear this, however I don’t need anywhere near as much as I normally do with other foundations.

Skin Type: I am inclined to say that this foundation would suit most skin types. For the dry skinned ladies, the water base would stop it clinging to dry patches. While with a good primer, this could also suit oily skinned ladies. However, if you are either very dry, or very oily, this might not be the work for you.

Lasting power: The lasting power of Nars sheer glow, is seriously brilliant. I can wear it all day and I rarely have to touch up. Again I wear a primer and as always I set my foundation with the Hourglass ambient lighting powder. Setting any foundation with a powder is an absolute must if you want it to last.

Price:  So with anything good, there is always a downside and for the Nars sheer glow the downside is price. This is saucy out. In Brown Thomas it retails at €42. Infact now that I think of it, Nars can only be bought in Brown Thomas Grafton street or SpaceNK Grafton street which is a real pain. You can however, buy it online at Feel Unique here.  So once you have gotten your shade you can repurchase here.

Finished look

Finished look

I can not say enough good things about this foundation, due to the longevity, coverage, texture and the fact it has no SPF means it won’t flash back in photographs.

If you have tried Nars sheer glow. I would love to hear what you think about it in the comments section below


This post contains an affiliate link but I have also told you where you can buy the product if you don’t fancy using the link. 



  1. says

    I’ve almost bought this foundation so many times, the price just kept putting me off. I think I may take the plunge next time I’m in Dublin though, it really does sound lovely!

  2. [email protected] says

    I have always wanted to try this. For the price I was afraid it would be like MAC face and body which dosent have great coverage. I might try get a sample now. Great review x

  3. Carly says

    Great review. I love your blogs. They’re so honest and easy to read. I really enjoy them but you cost me a fortune haha Ill have to have this xx

    • Sinead K says

      Thank you so much Carly. I am delighted that you find it good and easy to read. So Sorry I’m costing you money, but it will be money well spent.

      • Carly says

        Don’t worry I love spending money on make up and shoes 😀 Do you think that the coverage is enough to wear on a night out? Can’t wait to read your blogs on your Brown Sugar course, I need a few tips 😀 xx

        • Sinead K says

          This is my go to foundation for a night out. You can build the coverage up to make it more full on medium/full coverage. Brown sugar course should be up tomorrow or friday

  4. says

    I love Sheer Glow. I use it in Mont Blanc and until my oily t zone went into overdrive this summer it was my holy grail. After that is didn’t last on my nose, but nothing did so it was no reflection on the foundation. I bought Hourglass Mineral Veil primer the other day & it is doing a brilliant job of stopping the oiliness so I can’t wait to try it out with sheer glow & see how they work together.

  5. MAura says

    Hi Sinead, great blog! I just read the review of sheer glow, it sounds great, but I’m obsessed with Estée Lauder double wear at the moment as I love the coverage and that satin feel I get from it though I know people say it’s drying, and I have combination skin! Anyway, would it be similar to Estée Lauder in terms of coverage and longevity?

    • Sinead K says

      Hi Maura, I used to wear Double wear myself as I loved the coverage, but I did find it a little cakey on line skin at times. While the coverage isn’t as full as double wear, I really feel that Nars has a really good level of coverage that you feel fully covered. Longevity wise all depends on the individual person, but bars lasts as long as double wear on me when used with a primer and setting powder

  6. MandY says

    I’ve just bought NARS shherglow. I also bought the oil free primer. However when I use the primer underneath the sheer glow I feel it makes the foundation look too matte/flat. Could you recommend a primer that would wear well under it without being too greasy.

  7. Sarah says

    Hi Sinead, I really want to buy this foundation but I know I’d need a good concealer for it. Could you recommend a concealer to use with this foundation?

  8. Yvonne says

    Blast from the past for this foundation… I’m wondering if it’s similar to Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua? I adore everything about the Vitalumiere except for the horrible deep sore red spots it gives me 😕 It’s taken me nearly 18months to figure it out and I’m devastated. I got Laura Mercier Candleglow and it just doesn’t have the same glow.. any help/a point in any direction would be appreciated. I like a sheer foundation rather than full coverage, loved the way the Chanel seemed so sheer but at the same time didn’t need concealer on spots. Thanks in advance.


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