Maybelline Instant age rewind Eraser concealer Review

For the last few months I have been on a bit of a concealer hunt. I have pretty bad dark circles and I have been finding it very hard to find a concealer that covers them. I’m gonna be honest, normally I run a million miles away from budget concealers.  However, a few months back I picked up the Maybelline Instant age rewind Eraser and I haven’t looked back. This concealer is absolutely brilliant.

The Eraser concealer comes in a small plastic tube, with a spongy applicator at the top. You have to turn the bottom of the tube to release product out the top. It takes a while to get the product to release at first, but once you do it releases just the right amount of product each time you click.

The applicator itself, is great for applying the concealer under the eye, as it is really soft and disperses the product evenly around the eye. Even though you apply the concealer with the sponge, you do need to blend it into the skin with a brush or your finger, as it will just sit on the skin if you don’t. There is one little thing I worry about with the sponge applicator and that is hygiene . I try not to think about it do much though, as I really love the concealer itself.

The consistency of the Eraser concealer is light and thin on the skin. It is very light weigh and you don’t feel like you have added more product onto your face. It easily blendable and dries really well, without settling in the fine lines. In saying that, it sets pretty quickly, so you do need to blend it into the skin once applied or it can look a little powdery.

The coverage itself is somewhere between medium and full coverage. I absolutely see a great reduction in my dark circles under my eyes. It is also really good for highlighting and brightening underneath the eyes. Sometimes during the day when I want to do a little of subtle contouring, I use this as the cream highlight.

The Instant age rewind concealer comes in two shades,  nude and light, but if you are in America there is a whole heap more shades to choose from. It actually baffles me why more shades aren’t in Ireland, as this concealer would not suit olive or black skin tones at all.

If you are looking for a new concealer, you really can’t go wrong with this offering from Maybelline. It has medium to full coverage, highlights and brightens under the eyes, blends really well, and is lightweight on the skin and best of all it won’t break the bank at €11.99. You can buy it on most Maybelline stands or online here.


  1. says

    Love this concealer too! Its the first make up product I’ve used up in a long time 😀 Going to the states in a few weeks so going to pick up a few over there, its only 8 dollars over there! 🙂

  2. Vanditha says

    Do you know what shade in USA is equivalent to nude shade ? Here in USA I could not find nude and other shades were too light for my dark circles .

  3. Nella says

    Love this concelar I have it in nude. I am of a “black colour” like you described and I use it as a highlight and it looks like magic ! 🙂 hope this helps you beautiful brown melanin chicks out there x


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