Current Makeup Favourites

It is a very long time since I have recorded a monthly favourites. In fact I would nearly go as far as to say it has been two years!! With life getting in the way, YouTube fell to the wayside. However, 2017 is the year I am getting back on the YouTube horse and bringing […]

2016 Budget favourites

2016 budget favourites

What a year 2016 was! For so many, 2016 will be chalked down as one to forget. It was the year that saw a multitude of celebrity deaths. World politics went a little of track and there seemed like there was a lot of personal heartache on my timeline.  However, for me, 2016 was one of the best […]

My Favourite Hair Tools

favourite hair tools

Without a shadow of a doubt, your hair is your crowning glory. On the days that our hair cooperates, we tend to feel good about ourselves. However, on days that our hair just won’t do what we want, those are usually the days that start off with a bad mood! How you hair works out in the […]

What’s inside The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar?

Beauty advent calendars are a big deal! Forget opening a door everyday to reveal a little square of chocolate, as for most people this no longer cuts it when it comes to advent! We have now upped our game,  wanting all sorts of luxurious beauty goodies behind our advent calendar doors instead. There is no […]

My Ride or Die products

With so many products coming through the door  everyday both from generous companies and from my secret online shopping escapades, I tend to switch up the products I use quite a bit. I always make sure to give products thorough testing before I review them, but I often find that once the blog post is written, […]

Babyliss Heated Smoothing brush first impressions

When it comes to hair straightening it is a long way from an iron and a towel we have come! I remember the very first time I saw a hair straighteners. I couldn’t understand what my friend was doing! When she told me she was straightening her hair, I  was so confused and asked “why […]

Star buys from the new releases from Wet n Wild

A few weeks ago I was sent a number of products to try out from the Wet n Wild new releases. Long time readers of the blog will know that I am a big Wet n Wild fan and many of their products are in my regular makeup rotation. Like with any makeup brand, there will […]

2015 Favourites

I can’t believe it is 2016!!! 2015 was hands down the fastest year of my life. So much happened!! Not only in my personal life but in my blog life too. 2015 saw The Beautiful Truth grow massively.  Thanks to you lovely lot, The Beautiful Truth has exceed 46,000 likes on Facebook and over 25,000 […]

Makeup bag essentials / Makeup for beginners

It will come as no surprise to you lovely lot, that talking about makeup is one of my absolute favourite things to do. I love nothing more than being in a group of woman talking all things beauty. I love helping people pick new products and advising them what will and won’t work for them. However, […]

October Favourites

It’s that time of the month again. No not the time where I sit on the couch, cry and eat lots of chocolate, but my monthly favourites time. I’ve tried many new products this month, that I am just dying to tell you about. However, as usual, I forgot to include a product that I have […]

How to get big, bouncy, curly hair

If there is one thing I love, it is big massive bouncy and curly hair. My hair is my absolute pride and joy.  I really am like some sort of modern day Samson, as a lot of my confidence lies in how my hair looks. When my hair is on point, my confidence soars. Most of […]

The Mac Haul

Seriously, could I milk these haul videos anymore? I have finally edited my final haul for you guys and this time it is packed full of products that you can actually get in Ireland, so be warned. This will not be good for your bank account, but if it is any consolation, you will look […]

The Sephora Haul

Shopping in America can be overwhelming. There is so much more brands to pick from and so many stores in which to buy it. To help you streamline your shopping and get the most value from your dollar, for today’s post I am going to show you where to shop for your high end makeup […]

Christian Louboutin Wedding shoes unboxing

By the time this post goes live I will be a married woman. A scary thought!!! I mean how in god’s name can I be someones wife? Surely a wife in an apron wearing, iron loving, brown bread backing homely woman? Rather than a makeup loving hobbit!! A few weeks ago I posted a picture […]

Disappointing Products

At the beginning of the year, I posted a video on products that left me feeling a little on the disappointed side. So many of you loved that video and have requested an updated version of it. Over the past few months I have compiled a list of products that just didn’t do it for […]

A little Mac haul

Ok so I am using the term haul a little loosely here as technically a haul is only a haul if you hand over your hard earned cash, but this week I received some seriously wonderful Mac products that I just had to share with you immediately. Over the coming weeks, I will be using […]