Reflexology at Bella and Me Maynooth

You always know that a treatment is good, when you wake yourself up with your own snoring!! That is exactly what happened to me when I went for reflexology in Bella and Me Beauty salon Maynooth. Thankfully, I was only asleep for a handful of minutes because I really was quite blown away with the reflexology treatment. […]

Babymoon in Galway with The Beauty Quarters

It is such a treat to escape from Dublin for a short break and if you follow me on snapchat (@thebeauttruth) you will have seen that I recently was given a chance to have a little babymoon down in Galway with a pamper session in The Beauty Quarters in Oranmore and to say it was exactly […]

Bridal Beauty Preparation

Over the past several weeks, quite a number of you have sent me messages asking could I detail what beauty preparation I did in the run up to the wedding. So many people find that the world of beauty throws so much at them in the run up to their big day, that they don’t […]

Marste Spa Candle Rituals at the Dawson Spa

While planning a wedding is very enjoyable, it is also unbelievably stressful. There is constantly something that needs to be done, or remembered. It consumes your every waking moment and for me, I am now dreaming about things that can go wrong!  It is important that when times in our lives are stressful, be it […]

The nervous waxer at Brazilia

Waxing is one of those things most people do, but rarely talk about. I am personally not a waxer, i can count on one hand the amount I’ve had due to the fact I have the most pathetic pain threshold. Add to that, the fact that a few years back I had the most horrendous waxing […]

Micro Needling at Biofresh Swords

When you hear the words Micro Needling, thoughts of a medieval torture device springs to mind. Micro Needling sounds like the most horrendous kind of torutre you could put yourself through for good skin. When I told people I was undergoing a course of Micro needling in Biofresh Swords, people questioned my sanity. Why in God’s […]

Banish ugly feet with Simon & Tom’s Callus removing gel

It is a rare occasion that you will catch me blogging about feet, but the Simon & Tom Callus removing gel is something that needed to be shared. This Callus removing gel is an at home pedicure kit, which is said to remove the hard skin and callus from your feet, while at the same the nourishing and […]

Six Month clear braces at My Dental

  If you follow The Beautiful Truth on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed I’ve gotten a ixet of braces on my nashers. I have finally taken the plunge to get my teeth sorted just in time for my walk up the aisle in July. For the last few years I’ve toyed around […]

Neelu’s Beauty Service, Arnotts

As a beauty blogger I am lucky enough to try out different treatments and salons. While there are many  that I have throughly enjoyed and raved about, a recent visit to Neelu at Arnotts completely took my breathe away and blew everything I have ever tried out of the water! Neelu’s Beauty Services is nestled away […]

GlamGlow Youth Mud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment

There has been a serious amount of hype surrounding the Glam Glow range. There are 5 products available in the Glaw Glow range. Glam Glow Supermud, which is said to help combat breakouts, black and white heads and draw out any dirt or congestions. Thirsty mud, which is said to deliver instant hydration to the […]

Microdermabrasion at Top to Toe

Tucked away in the back streets of Stoneybatter is my absolute favourite Salon to visit, Top to Toe. This is possibly one of the friendliest most relaxing salons you will find. All the girls in the salon, take their time to get to know their clients, and the chat flows freely in the salon. When I […]

The Dawson Spa

Since returning to work at the beginning of September, my life has been hectic to say the least. It seems like I am constantly chasing my tail and running from one appointment to the next. Thankfully, I am enjoying everything I am doing, but it is very rare that I take a moment to myself […]

CACI Non Surgical Facelift at Cedars Beauty Clinic

Who wants to grow old gracefully? I ask myself that question quite regularly. Do I want to be the someone who lets it all go in the direction nature intends it? Or do I want to be someone, that pushes back on natures steady advances? Recently while out in Cedars Beauty Clinic in Dundrum, getting […]

It works body wrap and defining gel

First things first. There is no quick way of getting rid of fat. There is no over night miracle product for getting skinny. I have had to come to terms with the fact that, I didn’t put on weight over night and I know I’m not gonna loose it overnight. The only thing that will […]


While all things beauty and makeup are a great passion of mine, one of my other loves is technology. I am an absolute gadget geek. So when technology and beauty are combined, my mind is blown. I am a big fan of nail art, but it can be hard to find a salon that does […]

Embrowdery, 18-24 month brows

When I was in school it was the fashion to shave off your eyebrows and then pencil them back in. I remember the horror as a first year, looking at the 6th years with their terrifying eyebrows. I mean 6th years were scary enough, but their eyebrows wouldn’t be out of place on a Disney […]

IBX Nail Treatment at Cedars Beauty Clinic

If you are looking for a sanctuary of relaxation, luxury and complete and utter girliness, than look no further than Cedars beauty clinic on the main street in Dundrum. Located a mere 5 minute stroll from the Harvey Nicholas entrance of Dundrum shopping centre, Cedars beauty clinic offers a range of fabulous treatments, that will […]